Sea Restaurant


Abundant ingredients are found on this rich island, surrounded as it is by a plentiful sea.

Teshima is an island of abundance, blessed with plentiful ingredients.
A wealth of seafood can be caught in the sea that spreads out before your eyes.
Lots of fruits and vegetables can be picked in the mountains and fields.
At the Umi no Restaurant, we hope our many guests will enjoy delicious dishes created with these seasonal ingredients from the island.
Enjoy healthy, delicious dishes that bring out the full flavors of the ingredients.


Ishihara Shinya

Born in Hyogo Prefecture
After studying French, Italian, in pizzerias, and in bars in Japan and abroad, he will take up the position of head chef at the Sea's Restaurant in April 2023.
He is grateful for the bounty of Setouchi, which he can see from his kitchen, and express the richness of each season in the dishes.
What he aims for is neither a high-class special feeling nor simple comfort.
His goal is to provide meals that are once-in-a-lifetime, full of charm, and that can only be found at the Sea's Restaurant on Teshima.

Sea Garden

An herb garden by Ryoji Fujiwara, a gardener who also is in charge of the Chichu Art Museum's "Garden of Monet" on Naoshima.
We grow 20 to 30 types of herbs that are used in the restaurant.
Freshly picked to be enjoyed naturally.
We also hold events in autumn where Mr. Fujiwara teaches how to enjoy herbs.

Field of the Sea

We work with the earth and grow vegetables ourselves.
Our teachers for growing are all of the people on the island.
Grown with passion, the freshness and flavors of the vegetables are exceptional.
We hope you will enjoy the bounties of the island.