An entire house can be used, renovated from an old private house in Teshima, one of the stages of ART SETOUCHI.
We invite you to spend a relaxing time on the island surrounded by art.


Plan with Umi no Restaurant meal included

Room charges / 38,500yen + 6,600yen per adult + Dinner and Breakfast 9,900yen


Dinner is a seasonal course featuring Italian cooking techniques at Umi no Restaurant.
The restaurant will serve dishes made with in-season ingredients du jour, such as seafood from the Seto Inland Sea and vegetables from the restaurant's own garden.


●2358 Teshimaieura, Tonosho, Shozu District, Kagawa Prefecture

・About 5minutes on foot from Ieura port

●Transportation in Teshima

When moving between areas,please use a bus or rental bicycle,motorcycle,or car.
For details,please check the Website Teshima Tourism Navi.