User guide





Number of guest

A maximum of 6 people can stay at the facility


Wifi, Bathroom, Western style toilets, Air conditioner, Fridge, Microwave, Toaster, Electric Kettle, Desk, Closet, Bed, futons, Sofa, Hair dryer, Towel, Pajamas, Glasses, Cups, Plates, Cutlery, CD player


Shampoo, Conditioner, Body soap, Tooth brush, Razor, Comb, Remover, Cleansing foam, Skin lotion, Milky lotion


We accept payment in advance on the credit card.

Cancellation Charge

The following cancellation charges will be applied for the cancellation of personal reasons.

5days before ・・・ 20%
the day before ・・・ 50%
day to stay ・・・ 100%

*If they cancel a sailing due to bad weather, we don’t take cancellation charges. In case of the cancellation of sailing, we will contact guests. Sometimes they cancel sailing in the morning, but they resume in the afternoon. In this case, we will not take cancellation charges. Please decide whether you will come or not by yourself.

Terms of service

  • Your accommodation is a wooden house. Smoking is forbidden in the building, including the yard and deck.
  • There are private houses around the accommodation. Please do not make a lot of noise. In Teshima, people wake up early and go to bed early.
  • You can use the hot water, but you cannot cook in the kitchen.
  • There are not convenience stores in the island. There are only YUCHO ATM and JA BANK ATM. You can pay cash only in this island. Please prepare necessaries and cash before you come to the island.
  • Only our guests can enter the accommodation. No visitors. You cannot bring pets.
  • Any damage through the fault of the guest demands the full amount in remuneration. Likewise, if you lose the key.
  • In the case of an emergency, please contact us.There is no emergency hospital on the island. You will have to take a marine taxi to UNO or TAKAMATSU at your expense.

Privacy Policy

We recognize the importance and social responsibilities of the personal information we gather, and will comply with the following:

We will collect, use and provide personal information only to the extent necessary for our company’s legitimate business execution, as well as for hiring and personnel management purposes.

In the instance of risks such as unauthorized access to personal information or destruction or leakage thereof, we will take reasonable security measures and inject management resources that are consistent with the circumstances of our business in order to continuously improve our personal information security system.

We will review our policy in a timely and appropriate manner based on the changes in the environment surrounding the company to continuously promote its improvement.

We distribute and communicate this policy to all our officers and employees, as well as engage in the education and edification of each employee in our constant devotion to raise awareness regarding the protection of personal information.