“A simple, comfortable stay”
SHIROI RYO is a whole-house rental hotel located on the island of Teshima, in the Seto Inland Sea.

This open space is made from classic, 80-plus-year-old Japanese houses that have been repaired and painted in a uniform white. It is furnished with only the bare essentials, so that you may enjoy a simple, comfortable stay.
Experience daybreak in Teshima
After alighting the ferry, you are immediately surrounded by a sprawling landscape of mountains and sea.
The island’s uniquely relaxing air calms your mind.
Travel the narrow village streets, and encounter Japanese houses.
Wander the area, view the local art, and enjoy your stay however you please.
As the evening sun sinks into the sea, all on the island becomes still.
Listen to the sound of the softly swaying trees, and fall asleep under the twinkling stars and the cool moonlight.
A hotel that delivers “a special kind of everyday”.
During your stay, everything, including checking in and out, is done by guests themselves.

Surround yourself with the changing tides and the simple natural landscape, and enjoy the nostalgic emotions and new sense of awareness borne of everyday life on the island. Let your stay on Teshima be “a special kind of everyday,” that expands your understanding of what it means to live in luxury.
Savor the Four Seasons
Italian course meal garnished with seasonal flowers.
Enjoy a luxurious meal made using Teshima's seasonal produce, fruits, and fish, and plated meticulously by the chef of "Umi no Restaurant", as the view changes by the moment at sunset.

Freshness, Sweetness, Texture, Aroma, and Color

Made by focusing on the unique characteristics of each ingredient, these fine dishes allow you to directly taste the rich flavors inherent in the ingredients. Come face to face with the season's bounties and enjoy the moment as it naturally satisfies your heart.
“What we offer is the slightest of helping hands to warm our guests’ hearts.”
Whenever you return once again, you’ll feel welcomed somewhere you belong.